Sunday, September 16, 2007

Your A-Z Blogs: Viral Linking to Increase Technorati Ranking and Google Page Rank

The first time I know about Viral Linking after I read Rocky John Tayaban post in his blog: Blogging Mix.

Here are the simple instructions you should follow to join this activity:

  • Copy and paste the links provided below. (From Blog "A - Z")
  • Replace the link to which the first letter of your URL starts with. (e.g. "G" for Graphic Identity) You may choose to use anchor text to link to your blog and replace the link to which the first letter of your anchor text starts. (e.g. "S" Search Engine Optimization.
  • Please limit your anchor texts to 4 words to make it more manageable.

  • Here are some reasons why I encourage you to join viral linking:
  • Increase your Technorati Ranking and Google Page Rank.
  • Since this linking activity is viral, expect that you'll get results fast.
  • You could probably get more friends, fans or readers.
  • Increase the number of traffic to your blog.

  • Let's study the alphabet of Viral Linking. Allow me to start with the first A - Z Blogs.

    A A Few Good Pens : A blog collection of interesting stuff.

    B Blogging Mix : All about Blog, Blogger, and Blogging.

    C ColorStruck : A left brainer with right brain aspirations.

    D : Crude yet refined.

    E Environmental Economics : Economists on environmental and natural resources: news, opinion, and analysis.

    F Flowers Blog : A blog about flowers.

    G Graphic Design Blog : graphic design, freelancing, illustration, advertising, web design.

    H Home with Heather : Networking and sharing the latest tips and tricks on Web 2.0, Internet Marketing and much more.

    I Instructor Blog : Instructions on Blogging and Blogs.

    J Jonathan Phillips : Personal "music" blog of Jonathan Phillips. Random stuff and thoughts of a rock guitar player. Guitars, gear, studio, life in general!

    K King's Blog : Views from Kingsley.

    L Lady's Confessions : I have a confession to make. Will you listen?

    M Missylicious : Making money with the internet

    N Networking Blog : Blog about networking and social media.

    O One Dollar Man : This is a man's dreams sanctuary. See his strange and weird dream occurrences.

    P Photoshop Weblog : The unofficial photoshop weblog.

    Q Quest For Fair Trial : Show us the inherent law. Quest for fair trial in Concord.

    R Rob Sellen : Silence is golden.

    S Scribble On The Wall - Blog about different stuff.

    T The Blogger's Haven : A place for bloggers to hangout!

    U Untwisted Vortex : Blog reviews, promotion, issues, monetization and more.

    V Very Best of Blogging : All about blogs, blogger and blogging!

    W Western Standard Blog : Tells it like it is.

    X Xplain - The visual thinking company.

    Y Youth Blog : An insight into youth issues, volunteering trends, charity life and more from the UK charity YouthNet.

    Z Zealous Blog : My little place on the web.

    I hope you like the idea. Looking forward to your participation.

    Cheers! Do take a look at my previous post if you have time.


    1. Kukuh:

      I love this idea! Thanks so much for the link. I'm going to work on my A-Z list - you'll definitely get the "G" link!

      I really like your site! Keep up the good work.

    2. It's my pleasure..would be nice to have you join this long trails of viral link..

    3. I join you i am happymomaim... Just visit my blog. I form it like tagging ...

    4. my blog name is too long to participate see my blog?

    5. Hi Genny, you are welcome to join this viral linking ;)

      Harleyblues, you can modify them as your wish...Good luck for you


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