Monday, April 07, 2008

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

There are so many ways to promote your design blog niche. If you're still doing promotion to some specific design forums, there's nothing wrong to try general blog community for more campaign activity to your blog. A general blog community should always include design category or art category inside. Accordingly, there would be easier for the viewers to find your blog inside the community.

Here are 8 new blog communities for you to start with:

1. Blog Competition

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

BlogCompetition is a digg like competition, win upto $2500, with monthly prizes, and a weekly featured article.

Members can vote to various posts which are submitted under certain category & it is powered by: Pligg

2. Focial

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

Paid listings are done as you would any other auction except that it is used for advertising, sponsored reviews and paid guest posting.

Simply find an opportunity you like and make a bid.

3. Peopleized

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

Promote yourself by doing and giving interviews. Gain interview content and spread your message. You will have a chance to meet another great bloggers and sending direct invitation to do interview at Peopleized

4. Dot Dash Create

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

Personally, I love this community because one of the features could be useful to accommodate what designers need to promote their skill. Dot Dash Create have a cool feature that allows you to list recent project that you've currently working on, which is very good service to promote your design portfolio online in a community.

5. Zimbio

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

Zimbio is a blog community with the most comprehensive features, such as:
  • Pools which are available in regular pools and photo pools.
  • You can write an article from scratch, or import one from your personal blog. You will soon get the Kudos (karma) when people love your article.
  • Create a Wikizine; Wikizines are interactive magazines that anyone can create or edit. They offer a range of features including group blogging, news tracking, pictures, video playlists, discussion forums, and more.
  • Submit Your Blog, and Zimbio will collect your blog feed automatically to show to the crowd.
The only thing that is really bother me about Zimbio is there is no filter for adult content :| . However, some people not always keen enough to see that stuff.

6. Blagged

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

Blaged includes featured blogs that offer 1 day trial advertisement. Browse other blogs adverts offer that you like, and test it using the 1 day free adverts to see if it would benefit your blog.

7. BlogEngage

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

Engage with bloggers and generate real solid traffic. Vote for the Blogs you like because someone is liable to also Vote for yours! Submit your sites and continue submitting your newest articles as well. You may submit your blog articles and your blog articles only.
Blog Engage is powered by: Pligg

8. Blogging Zoom

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

Could this be another type of Pligg?? I don't know exactly, but I think Blogging Zoom has a nice design layout. Zooming every post submitted and get zoomed by the community members as your post submission reach the high note.

Do you know any other new general blog community that you are currently join on? Why don't you share with us why you like being part of it?