Sunday, August 12, 2007

Web2PDF Online

One of my friend, Alwin Sanjaya reviewed this widget on his blog. I was courious about it and only now I have a chance to install this Web 2 PDF Online widget to one of my blog, Graphic Identity Tutorial and the result is great. For now you can always save my tutorial articles in PDF files format.

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If you want to have one of this, simply create a new account to and submit the site URL where you want this widget script code will be put to your template. It is absolutely easy and it is free.

Once you registered, you can set the page orientation and margins. If you need any change you can always reset to default anytime. Generate the code and copy the script then paste to your html template.

You can also convert any web page to a PDF file directly to your account setting dashboard on Web2PDF Online.

This widget works better in Firefox Browser. Take sometimes to process especially for huge file.

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